How to Register for ezHASiL e-Filing for Individual

Before you can complete your Income Tax Returm Form (ITRF) via ezHASiL e-Filing, the first step you have to take is to Register at ezHASiL e-Filing website. Please bear in mind that you must be registered as Taxpayer prior to registering for ezHASiL e-Filing.

The process of registering is as follows

Apply for PIN Number → Login for First Time


Apply for PIN Number

There are 4 methods on how to obtain a PIN Number.

  1. If your email address registered with LHDN, browse to ezHASiL e-Filing website and click PIN Number Application.
  2. If you email address not registered with LHDN, you have to fill up Online Feedback Form to obtain PIN Number.

    The application must be attached with the following documents:
    i. Individual citizen: MyKad / Card Police / Military Card.
    ii. Individual who are not citizens of Malaysia: Passport
    iii. Enclose completed CP600B form to update email address if the applicant email is different from the email address that already registered with the IRB.

    Format of the attachment:
    i. Format : *.jpg,*.png,*.gif, and *.pdf
    ii. Size : 2 MB

  3. Through mail or fax to any nearest LHDN office. Kindly remember to attach Income Tax Number, latest address and a copy of National Registration Card (MyKad) both front and back.
  4. Visit the nearest LHDN Office

Login for First Time

After you receive a PIN Number, you can proceed to Login for the first time. To do this

  1. Browse to ezHASiL e-Filing website and click First Time Login
  2. Fill up PIN Number and MyKad Number & click Submit button
  3. Review all the information & click Agree & Submit button.
  4. Once you do this your e-Filing account & digital certificate will be registered & may proceed to complete the ITRF through ezHASiL e-Filing.